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What is Anime?

For those who are new to the concept or are not quite sure how to explain it, anime is, simply put, animation that is from Japan. This might seem like an overly simple explanation, but all the quirks and specificities of this movie and series style are either directly or indirectly a result of its host country.

Anime as a medium is exceptionally broad and diverse, which is why this explanation seems like too simple a way to define it yet is correct. This is also why, in spite of what you might see on a lot of sites, anime is not a genre. Anime can consist of any genre, and indeed, a lot of the best anime features span across the gamut of genres.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however. Over time, there have been animated movies and series that have been made outside of Japan but in a style that is intentionally reminiscent of anime. It is controversial among anime fans whether these features are considered “true” anime, but they are certainly identifiable as either being anime or being heavily inspired by it.

Why Should You Watch Anime?

You might be wondering why you should watch anime when there is plenty of media of the kind that you are already used to around you. Well, the answer is that anime being different to what you are used to is precisely the reason that you should watch it.

Anime can expand your mind with all sorts of novelty and surprise, saving you from the repetition of watching the same types of media over and over again. Let’s have a look at just a small number of the top reasons why you should watch anime.

A Different Form of Storytelling

How many times have you watched a movie and been able to predict the next move, the next line, the next story arc, or even the final twist? Every culture will have its own storytelling traditions. And even more granularly, every media industry will develop a set of tropes and structures that will recur in most, if not all, of what they produce.

This is the reason that you may feel like the films and TV shows that you are used to watching have become so predictable. You may feel like this means that the very medium is getting boring and that there is no interest to keep up with it anymore, but there is another way to get around this.

Instead of giving up or scaling back on movies and series if the whole thing is getting too boring, start watching and watch a whole lot more anime instead.

The storytelling tradition of anime is rooted in Japan. This means that a lot of the storytelling techniques are independent of and, more importantly, different to what you may be used to from Hollywood or any other sources of media.

Anime will offer you new types of stories. Anime will offer you stories that are unpredictable, more mysterious, and more interesting. Anime will offer you a whole new collection of tropes that you are not used to, keeping entertainment fresh for you.

A Different Aesthetic

Even if you are not yet into anime, I’ll bet you would immediately recognize it every time you saw it. And yet there is not one single extremely specific anime art style. Anime can be drawn and animated in a variety of different styles, but all of them share a sort of je ne sais quoi that makes them identifiable as part of this unique medium.

One of the most easily identifiable features across all anime styles is the reliance on varying degrees of large heads and a much more consistently high degree of large eyes. Funnily enough considering anime’s soaring popularity in the United States of America, the earliest anime masters were inspired by the large eyes in animated characters from early 20th century American cartoon characters, and this just stuck with the medium.

Another very visually obvious feature, and one that is incredibly common, is a limitation in the number and complexity of the movements in the animation. For example, lip movements while anime characters are speaking will be restricted to a handful of static mouth positions to represent them. That said, different anime studios will approach animating movements with different levels of complexity.

Even aside from these kinds of individual traits that can be explicitly identified, there is an overall “look” to the animation style in anime that is simply different. This unique art style is a huge reason to watch anime.

A Different Set of Genres and Subgenres

The difference in stories within anime compared to what you may be used to in Western media is not limited to just the techniques in the storytelling itself. We have already learned that anime spans across all sorts of genres and subgenres, but some of these are close to being unique to or even created by anime and manga makers.

One example is the mecha genre. Sometimes considered a subgenre of the much broader science fiction genre, mecha anime revolves around the use of giant humanoid robots that are controlled by human pilots. This concept goes back pretty far in history, but arguably the earliest big example of this is the Gundam franchise, which has also functioned as something of a trope setter for it in general.

Another sort of genre that you will not find a lot of outside of anime is fantasy with a strong or complete basis in Japanese mythology and folklore. You have seen fantasy movies and TV shows before, but you might be beginning to lose interest in the same sort of elements appearing. Anime can introduce you to an entire new world of fantasy elements.

Even the genres that overlap with those common in the Western world will carry an air of their own. Japanese horrors, for instance, will have different themes and different sources of fear, and this carries over just as well to anime, arguably turning horror into a whole new genre.

An Amazing Way to Learn Japanese

Whether you are already an anime fan who is looking to learn Japanese or simply someone who is looking for a good way to learn Japanese, anime is the answer to your quest. You can still learn Japanese in the traditional ways that one learns a language, but that can begin to feel like a chore very quickly, and you can lose your enthusiasm as a result.

If you are watching anime with the original Japanese audio but English subtitles, you can pick up words and grammatical structures from the Japanese language without even realizing it. This will start with isolated words and phrases, like hearing “moshi moshi” every time a character answers a phone, to frequent clauses and expressions within complex sentences, all the way up to complex sentences themselves.

You can also use anime to ease yourself into learning the three writing scripts used in the Japanese language. These are Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana, and as you can imagine, they are ubiquitous in anime. Although this can be a much larger undertaking, starting your journey to learning the Japanese writing systems by watching anime is a great way to begin and not be put off too early.

The beauty of watching anime to learn Japanese is that you won’t feel like you are doing hard work but will get to enjoy the benefits of it regardless. You may eventually even stop needing the subtitles, but don’t worry, they will still always be there on VHanime.com.

An Intimate Look Into Japanese Culture

Learning about Japanese culture from outside Japan can be difficult. You can read about it or watch movies about it, but if all of these sources are themselves from outside Japan, you may not be getting the best look.

Anime is from Japan, written by Japanese artists, and very often set in Japan. This gives you an insider’s look at Japanese culture. From this more intimate perspective, you will be able to see a truly unfiltered rendition of it rather than a foreigner’s interpretation, which will necessarily be filtered by their own cultural inclinations.

If you ever visit Japan, the cultural elements that you learn from watching anime can give you a good head start to interacting with people and knowing what you can and can’t do in the country. This can save you both a lot of embarrassment and a potential culture shock during your first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun.

As for if you don’t intend to go to Japan, learning about Japanese culture becomes an even better reason to watch anime. The art form can transport you to the beautiful country without you leaving your home, immersing you deep into all sorts of elements of Japanese culture in a way that you never could have through any other medium.

A Selection for All Ages

A common perception in the West is that “cartoons are for kids,” but with anime, it is a very different picture. While anime for children certainly exists, the art form is not restricted to any one age group, and a lot of the anime that is globally popular is made with an adult audience in mind.

Anime that is made for children is typically categorized by one of three names, indicating the exact demographic that it is aimed at.

Kodomo anime is made for young children, typically children under 10 years old. Like in other countries’ traditions for young children’s cartoons, this type of anime will tend to have educational elements, especially those relating to life rather than academia.

Anime that is aimed at teenagers and pre-teens is classified as either shojo, which is aimed at girls, or shonen, which is aimed at boys. Not surprisingly, shojo tends to have lots of romantic elements whereas shonen will be more filled with action. All of this is approached through a distinctly Japanese lens, however, offering a new sort of media from what you are used to.

But most importantly for an art form that many may associate with being made for children is that anime features plenty of works made for the adult market. Anime with mature themes and other elements that are traditionally suited to and associated with the adult market is in good supply, so you are never too old for it.

A Way to Make Friends With Similar Interests

You do not have to watch and enjoy anime alone. Maybe you are looking for a social circle to match your interests, but you have not been able to find them for the interests you currently have. With anime, you will not have that problem.

Even though anime is not considered an especially integral part of most countries’ cultures outside of Japan, there are countless anime fans all across the globe. You could find a passionate group that you can really get into anime culture with or a more casual group that you can just chat to about the last series you watched.

There are plenty of anime conventions across the world. Some of these are small and tight-knit while others are massive, but in both cases, they are a great way to meet new people to share the world of anime with. If you are more of a homebody, you can also find plenty of forums and social groups on the internet to discuss anime with.

You can take your involvement with anime to any degree you want. On one hand, you can just treat it as a way to be introduced to a new set of media. On the far end of the spectrum, you can immerse yourself in the anime subculture completely and go full otaku.

What is Otaku Culture?

Although this word has multiple meanings, in the West, otaku is most often used to denote someone who is totally obsessed with anime and, to a broader extent, Japanese entertainment and culture. Some will paint this as a negative, but this kind of immersion can be an entire subculture of its own.

Anime conventions can be centers of otaku culture where you can really surround yourself by it entirely. You can use these to express your existing knowledge of the subculture or grow it by learning from those that have been involved in it for a very long time.

Outside of conventions, you can dive into otaku culture by watching anime and slowly absorbing all of the idiosyncrasies and charms of the art form. You will find more than enough material for this at VHanime.com, whether you are starting out, partway through your journey, or a seasoned otaku that can match anyone in knowledge of all sorts of anime.

What is the Origin of Anime?

On an absolutely foundational level, anime is an evolution of the centuries of art and storytelling traditions that have gradually developed in Japan. In a much closer sense, anime as we know it today – as distinct from simply all animation from Japan – has its origins in the 1960s.

Osamu Tezuka is an artist known as the Father of Manga, the Japanese graphic novel tradition from which anime is adapted. Tezuka drew inspiration from a lot of early 20th century American sources. Characters like Betty Boop lent anime her giant eyes, for example, and a lot of the animation techniques were lifted from Disney but modified for a combination of convenience and efficiency.

Although these modifications would at the time have been considered negatives, the unique results would go on to be exemplary of the anime tradition, essentially spawning every anime to succeed the original works. What were originally temporary measures instead became indicative of an entire new style.

Astro Boy was one of Tezuka’s works, an anime series he directed based on his own manga. Debuting in 1963, this anime is considered by many to be the first offering in the truly modern anime style, though other candidates for this honor include Instant History, which first aired in 1961, and Three Tales, a film from the year before that.

When did Anime Become Popular Globally?

The global spread of anime really picked up in the 1990s. Sailor Moon represented this early wave of adaptations, with a dubbed version being released in America. This version was adapted for American audiences with additional changes. Notably, it was made more family friendly with edits to a lot of more lewd or suggestive content.

Another very early adaptation is Dragon Ball Z. Part of the Dragon Ball franchise, this anime would largely fall into the shonen category, with a target audience of teenage boys, but it has found success in the West across all age groups. Dragon Ball Z was succeeded by Dragon Ball GT, which was also adapted to Western markets with an official dub in the English language.

In 2001, Spirited Away was released, becoming a global sensation. The film had appeal across all demographics, a likely key to its incredible success outside of Japan. Not only did it manage to become the highest grossing Japanese film at the time, but it also won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2013, giving it the kind of renown that put anime on the map forever.

What are Some Major Anime Studios?

There are hundreds of production companies in Japan that create anime, but a lot of the most popular anime features are made by a handful of major studios.

Studio Ghibli is one of the most globally renowned anime studios due to their production of Spirited Away. Not only is Studio Ghibli the recipient of great critical acclaim, with their character Totoro having achieved almost legendary status in Japan, but they also have immense financial success, with Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, and others joining Spirited Away on the list of top ten highest grossing anime films.

Toei Animation is another one of the most loved anime studios. Toei were the creators of the Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z anime series, both of which carry a major share of the credit for making anime as an art form a global phenomenon. Toei Animation also co-produced the animated series adaptation The Transformers in the 80s, predating anime’s global spread.

One final mention is Ufotable. They are a relatively recent anime studio, having only opened for the first time in 2000, but have reached incredible success in this very short period of time. Ufotable have the distinction of being the creators of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, which is the highest grossing Japanese film, taking in more than half a billion dollars to date!

Wrapping it All Up

You can see that there are countless reasons to watch anime, and you also know that VHanime.com is the best place to do so.

Every anime fan, whether they are new to the art form or a grizzled veteran with countless series sitting in their memory banks, knows that to fully appreciate the beauty of anime, you need high quality video and, unless you are an English speaker, either a proper dub or full subtitles.

VHanime.com offers all of this and so much more, and we know that you will have a great time and come back over and over again, and so will your friends if you let them in on the secret.

Now let’s enjoy some anime.


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